By reviewing transit systems and potential business models in a given region, we encourage and consult to public agencies and private companies to expand current business practices. When we are successful, we create partnerships in a market. The by-product of these partnerships is greater available resources, which consistently produces a reduced cost of service, increased market participation and the expansion of commuting options for a community.

When we provide you with RFI/RFP guidance as a public-sector partner, offer insight into a new vanpool market or conduct a review of a transit operational system to determine program efficiencies and cost savings, Transitions consistently delivers superior results to satisfied clients. Here are a few things are current clients had to say about our company:

  • “Transitions’ Fleet Management Review revealed significant cost saving measures to the vanpool and public / medical transit operations. The program offers a systematic review of the entire operational and management process. Our savings are immediate and will be long-lasting!” – Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia
  • “We have teamed with Transitions for the past few years to identify new vanpool opportunities nationally. Justin and Julie provide knowledgeable support and are always able to meet our project timelines. With their knowledge of Federal funding and the ability to provide market-related reporting, we’ve successfully opened more than 20 new vanpools markets in the U.S. and look forward to continued growth through our partnership” – Enterprise Rideshare