Managing commutes, bridging communities.



Our Mission

To provide inclusive, excellence driven, transportation solutions which empower wellness, employment, education and connectivity through sustainable, affordable, and innovative business practices which improve the quality of life for commuters and communities.


Our Belief

On the surface, transportation is viewed more as an economic driver than as a basic necessity. For Transitions, providing customer focused, fiscally responsible transit services is more than moving people from point to point. It provides opportunity for people to plan for their future and reach a desired destination.

With uniformed professional drivers and well maintained vehicles, we place a strong focus on effective trip management, connecting customers to the needs and wants of their given lives. Our trips provide access for residents to educational and employment opportunities, nourishment, social activities, family engagements, and life sustaining medical services.

At Transitions we understand that for each customer, the trip we provide becomes only the first step in their journey to a more embraced, active and fulfilled life. We take great pride in the quality transportation services we provide and believe that by connecting communities for people, we can become that bridge for commuters.


Ready To Help

Many communities struggle to effectively and fiscally manage public transit programs which fully meet the needs of seniors, disabled, student and other transit based trips. By using a combination of first person support and improved technological resources, we create solutions to improve operational performances by managing all elements of paratransit services.  Today, with over 115 employees in three states, we manage fleet resources exceeding 250,000 annually reported trips.  If you are ready to improve resources or would like a complementary audit of your program, call us today!


Let Us Earn Your Business

While industry growth is good business, our success is not and will not be measured by the expansion of contracts, but by our ability to successfully build positive transit models and programs.  We provide our customers with industry leading transportation management experience and the by-product of which is growth. When you entrust your customers with Transitions, our goal is to exceed expectations at all levels of service.