Transitions Commute Solutions Inc. is a private, woman and veteran owned, Florida-based Transportation Demand Management (TDM) firm with additional offices and operations in Ohio and Georgia.

Our company is managed by a number of highly experienced and skilled transit and governmental affairs professionals with direct experience in ownership, management and daily operations of national fleet services and government programs /policies awareness.

Our business operations include the daily management of paratransit programs for multiple agencies, consulting services to many national fleet and commuter programs supporting government procurements, request for proposal identification and response, government funding applications and the support of business development activities.

Additionally, we provide a one-stop network for a broad range of private and public transit projects as well as ancillary design, build, implementation and consulting services.

The principals of Transitions have an array of operational, administrative, management, and executive experiences. We are international authorities in the United States and Caribbean on managing transit staff and diversity issues, policy development, program development, funding resources, policy evaluation, commuter training modules, customer development, fleet management, staff development, curriculum development as well as the management of fleet operations in macro and micro environments.

We believe that business should be driven by our clients needs, not by a company’s own agenda. Thats why our first question to you will always be, “how can we help?”

We Can:

  • Review your operational business model and compare them with national programs similar to your field.
  • Review your business “footprint” to identify marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify and suggest corrective action for immediate market retooling and support.
  • Identify potential funding sources to support business development.
  • Identify potential funding sources to support business development.
  • Develop and manage communication efforts, as needed supporting web and multi-media sources.
  • Provide awareness for federal program and policy transit initiatives.
  • Provide policy guidance and instruction to agency or community transit managers.
  • Provide program awareness to potential participants / customers.
  • Provide operational guidance to manage fleet and transit related resources.
  • Provide information relating to various tax benefits, funding sources and transportation programs.
  • Provide program guidance to maximize environmental reports and program awareness for given communities to support business development activities.
  • Provide convention, conference and meeting support to develop key partnerships.