Managing your fleet inefficiently is a costly and ineffective business model. Further, fleet audits and reviews can be unproductive and time consuming when utilizing an internal audit format. Transitions has developed a government based, fleet management protocol to support your next fleet management audit. Creating program management aspects founded in federal and private sector companies, Transitions can support you in a complete program and operational audit.

Depending on the size a scope of your fleet, equipment and management practices, our reviews typically require one to three weeks of on location support.

Our reviews are comprehensive, just click on the Table Of Contents and review our standards.

What do we review? Click on Sample Operational Review for a more detailed picture.

What are the results? Click on Sample Detailed Findings Report  for a sample findings report.

Would you like to use our resources to support your next review? Call us for a quote or to purchase an Operational Review Booklet for only $249.

In addition to fleet audits and reviews, Transitions can support the development and implementation of vanpool programs on a budget or with the support of our national partners.