For employers, embracing sound transportation benefits for your workforce has never been easier. As of January 1st, 2014, employers can take advantage of the $130 tax-free commuter benefit.

This benefit allows either the employee or the employer to save or invest $130 a month toward a mass transportation option. Employers have many reasons to consider offering a transportation benefit, some include:

  1. Recruitment and retaining employees
  2. Improving a “Green” footprint or to obtain LEED certification
  3. To meet current federal government building requirements
  4. Limited parking or congestion concerns at the work location
  5. Meet local and state transportation codes

If you would like to introduce alternate commute options to your business or organization, or have a specific commute-related issue you need to find a solution to, Transitions can create a program customized to meet your goals and needs.

You, the employer, can pick and choose which options you’d like to implement. Sample programs include vanpooling, carpooling, regional public transportation as well as bike and walk to work programs.