Debbie Asbacher:

As Chief Executive Officer, Asbacher is responsible for the executive leadership of the company’s national consulting and transportation demand management services. In addition to managing the corporate and strategic goals of the company, Asbacher focuses on key long-term strategies which include the application and support of federal policies, programs and public / private relationships.

Ms. Asbacher relies on many years of leadership experience in project management, as well as expertise in contract compliance and fleet management to deliver customer service excellence and business development success.  She maintains working knowledge of federal and state government funding programs, metropolitan and state planning processes, and state regulatory requirements for public transportation services.

Justin A. Rison:

As the President, Mr. Rison manages the corporate and strategic goals of the company focusing on key long-term strategies.

Rison’s tenure in the federal government supported various leadership roles and played a key national role for an executive work group as a transportation manager. To further develop this operation, he developed a private sector business model as the owner/operator of a fleet management company supporting government agency transit requests in seven states.

With expertise in sustainable commute options, supplemental funding sources, federal policies and innovative solutions to transportation demand management techniques, Rison offers valuable business and industry insight to Transitions.

Board of Directors: Georgia Transit Association – 2014-2017

Board of Directors: Southeast Association for Commuter Transportation, Vice President – 2013-2015

Julie A. Christian:

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mrs. Christian is responsible for the administrative leadership of the company’s national consulting and transportation demand management services. In addition to managing the day-to-day marketing and organizational functions, Christian focuses on key operations, which include marketing research, contractual compliance, client relationship management, and community outreach programs.

Christian’s professional experience as a transportation manager for a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company, project manager for a national fleet management company and her involvement on the board and multiple committees for non-profit Transportation Management Associations provide her key and unique insight relating to the operational needs of commuters and commute programs.

Mrs. Christian was recently recognized by the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) as one of the Top 40 Under 40 TDM professionals in the nation.

Jimmie Green:

As our Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Green oversees the management of day to day operations supporting our Human Services and Department of Transportation Paratransit Services. With oversight of route construction, vehicle maintenance and staff planning, Jimmie insures efficiencies are made using key Transitions web based applications to safely manage resources.

As a retired United States Army Veteran and with his additional 15 years supporting Greyhound Bus lines, Mr. Green provides outstanding operational leadership to our front line management team. He also managed staff, vehicles operations and equipment for the Savannah Regional Airport making him extremely proficient in fleet and equipment control.

James Brown:

As Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Brown leverages his extensive client relationship background to infuse current technological practices with excellent customer service. His career as a Transportation Demand Manager has served commuters in areas relating to paratransit services, as well as, various modes of commuter transportation. Additionally, he has successfully managed programs incorporating various state and federal funding sources, Department of Transportation, Federal Highway, State Transportation Planning and various other federal and state funded transit programs.

To improve program efficiencies, Brown has achieved his Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification, certifications in Human Resource Administration and possesses a Bachelors in Finance. Brown has successfully brokered and managed several multi-million dollar operations relating to fleet and fleet management. Additionally, leading the integration of private resources supporting public and state transit operations gives him key insight in negotiating and meeting the demands of public sector contracts.

Board of Directors: Three Rivers Regional Workforce Development Board 2015-2017

Jeff Beccaris:

As Chief Financial Officer Mr. Beccaris is responsible for the accounting operations of the company including weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and ad hoc financial reporting.  Further responsibilities include maintaining standard operating procedures coupled with maintaining accounting system controls.  In addition he provides accounting recommendations and guidance to management, maintains company funding while supporting development and review.

Jeff graduated from The Pennsylvania State University and currently possesses over 15 years of accounting and finance experience.

Shakai Joyner:

As Senior Vice President of Call Center Operations, Ms. Joyner is responsible for the leadership and management of the Transitions dispatch team.  Her responsibilities include the approval of client routing, scheduling, training, facility management and maintaining growth in the call center as well as the resolution of customer concerns.

Shakai studied at the University of South Carolina, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. With over 10 years experience providing customer service, 5 years serving in a management capacity Ms. Joyner leads a team of 8 in customer service, data entry, and route optimization for 98 operational units in 20 counties in the State of Georgia.

Ron Herman:

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Mr. Herman oversees all Human Resource functions within the company as well as contracts and contractors.  . His extensive background covering all aspects of HR provides the company with unparalleled support and guidance.   Mr. Herman takes a front line approach to workers comp and unemployment issues, policy development and advising management in these areas when necessary.  In addition, Mr. Herman serves as the Drug and Alcohol Program Manager overseeing the Drug and Alcohol programs and consultancy.

Mr. Herman has over 40 years of management experience in both the public and private sectors.  Most recently, Mr. Herman spent 27 years in government auditing with reporting responsibilities to the highest levels of the Federal Government.