Amazon Deliver Service Provider (DSP) Consulting


You have just been awarded an Amazon DSP Contract!


Now it’s time to think fast.    How do you hire employees?    What paperwork is necessary?    What benefits should you offer?    How do you get vehicles?

What do I not know?



You have 1 Million great questions! We have 1 Million great answers!


Transitions Commute Solutions, LLC was once a small business and started with 1 contract. We are now a multi-state medium company recognized on the INC. 5000 2 years in a row. We have operated over 120 vehicles and 250 staff over the past 7 years and have made all the mistakes a small business can. Now our goal is to see small businesses grow to be big business.

Transitions builds bridges from where you are,to where you want to be.

You have won the lottery of opportunity and your journey to success is just beginning. Transitions is here to help guide you through the first steps smoothly so you can focus on the parts of the business that matters most, your drivers and your customers. This will allow you to scale quickly and beat out any local competitors with ease. We have tried and true methods and relationships that will make the back end of your start up effortless, because we know you are putting your heart and soul into it.

If starting an Amazon DSP business is Mount Everest, then Transitions is your trusted Sherpa!  You will get to the summit, and we will guide you along the way.


Business Results deliver each day to all Amazon Deliver Service Partners.

Ring the doorbell and come on in. We’ve been expecting you.